The Most Important Thing To Do Today


As intended, the subject line of the email captured my attention:

The most important blog post

After clicking to open, I read —

It’s on the most important blog.


Even if no one but you reads it. The blog you write each day is the blog you need the most. It’s a compass and a mirror, a chance to put a stake in the ground and refine your thoughts.

And the most important post? The one you’ll write tomorrow.

Seth Godin penned the above pithy email ( I subscribe to his blog for gems of wisdom that often have the power to change my thinking.

The above post arrived during a personal period of discouragement, when I doubted what I was about.

My take-away was “don’t quit.” Keep on keeping on with this dream God placed in my heart. The very same day, I ran into a long-time friend I hadn’t seen in years. After we chatted a few minutes, Paula stunned me when she said, “I read everything you write.”  

Stunned because Paula wasn’t a subscriber to my blog. Paula never commented on my posts or Facebook links. But here she was offering a chunk of encouragement for what I’m about.

My writer friends can relate to this and share similar stories. But this insight can apply to everyone in myriads of ways. Most likely, you’re making more of an impact than you realize.

The Most Important Thing you Do Today

No matter your plans today, decide each is important. Whether you’re leading a team at work, playing with a child, or helping prepare a meal for your church bereavement group, each matters.

Asking questions about our plans helps us understand why:

  • What is the most important thing about solving the issue at work?
  • Why is it important to do loving acts for my husband (wife)?
  • Why is it important to put the “grand” in grandmother?
  • Why is it important to renew my spirit?
  • Why is it important to open that difficult conversation with a friend?

What’s on your agenda today? How might it positively affect others?

Let God be your guide.

Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.

Proverbs 16:3
Whether you’re playing with a child, leading a team at work, performing a customer service, helping prepare meals for your church bereavement group, what matters most? #themostimportantthing #encouragement Click To Tweet

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  1. Candyce, I had a friend who left a comment on my blog one day. She told me she always reads the posts but had never commented before and that she had been helped and encouraged by what I write. I printed that comment and put on my bulletin board above my computer. When times of discouragement and wanting to quit attack me, I read that comment and know that even if I write for one person, my writing has a purpose. And yes, we do also write for ourselves because I learn something from what God teaches me when I share. Your writing blesses me also. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Like you, God uses
      my “need” to write to bring me closer to Him, thus growing my faith. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  2. Don’t even consider quitting on life or your writing life Ms. Candyce. I will load up Bubba the dog and Mavric the bull and come to Georgia to give you a stern talkin’ to. Then a big ole hug and a smile; cause that’s what you’d do for me if I was discouraged. Lead the way ma’am! Thanks for always lifting our spirits.

    1. Thanks to supportive friends like you that God sends my way, I won’t. And of course those little nudges from God keep me going. Writing helps grow my faith and if that’s all, it’s enough.

      Sure hope I can get that big ole hug and smile in person one of these days.

  3. I don’t think we ever realize all the ways we impact others. Many times we do it just by being who God created us to be. The thing I find amazing is that God is faithful to give us those bits of encouragement when we need them. Do keep on keeping on! Your posts certainly encourage me!

    1. God is faithful and knows our heart and thoughts! He is good and just. Thank you for your encouragement.

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